Day in Photos: Christianshavn

Christianshavn is known as Copenhagen’s canal district, located just east of the city centre and filled with narrow cobblestone streets, boats docked along the water, and canal-side warehouses turned residential and professional spaces. I recently spent a morning and afternoon walking and biking around Christianshavn, below are pictures detailing how I would spend an ideal day exploring the neighborhood!

(This is part of a series of posts, detailing my days exploring the local neighborhoods of Central Copenhagen! See my days in Nørrebro and København K.)

Breakfast at Parterre. There is a small corner cafe right along the canal called Parterre, a perfect place to start before a day of exploring Christianshavn. The sky was cloudy and the air still cold when we arrived, but the small outdoor area of tables, chairs and blankets, along with the incredible view of the canal, was too good to pass up. We ordered inside (from what I can only presume is the father-son duo who runs the cafe) and enjoyed our breakfast outside!


Views from high above Christianshavn. The Church of Our Saviour is a notable landmark in Christianshavn, given that its tall tower is visible from the highest viewpoints throughout Copenhagen. There was a small fee to climb up the tower, before arriving at the exterior balcony wrapping around the exterior of the tower, all the way to its tip. There were great views of Copenhagen and the canals threading through the neighborhood, but the absence of any sunshine–and the presence of high winds–made the experience both colder and more exhilarating than usual…


Walking the canal. There is one, long canal that runs through Christianshavn, lined with boats, cafes, and locals sitting on the cobblestone sidewalks dangling their feet over the water’s edge. You can walk the canal from one end of the neighborhood to the other, which is exactly what I did once the clouds parted and the sun started to appear!


Visiting the Danish Architecture Centre. Located right along the water’s edge is the Danish Architecture Centre, an exhibition space with an accompanying cafe, restaurant and bookstore. While I did pay to enter the exhibition–a collection of real-life designs and architecture employing sustainable practices in buildings around and Scandinavia–the bookstore was the highlight of my trip (which is no surprise–given that I often intentionally carve out time at a museum to visit the bookstore). Filled with books on design and architecture from different parts of the world, city guides, and tons of notebooks and stationary, I ended up leaving the bookstore an hour later. Totally worth it, though.


Biking through Christianshavn. The canals and narrow streets of Christianshavn provide a great area for biking, empty of cars and easy to navigate. Once I [finally] left the Danish Architecture Centre, I headed back for the metro station to grab my bike, but had no intention of heading back just yet–I hopped on my bike and rode along the canals once again, this time swerving off onto side streets and making my way for the water’s edge, where I had views of the Circle Bridge spanning the water, the Black Diamond sparkling across the way, and many colorful residential buildings along the way.


And that concludes my afternoon spent in Christianshavn! I hope to visit in the next few weeks before the semester ends–I am determined to make one last trip to Copenhagen street food and take a boat ride along the water!

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